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Center for Applied Nursery Research

A hydrangea plant on a load cell which determine the plant's daily water use.

Although technically not a part of our SCRI-MINDS research at McCorkle’s nursery, we also conducted SCRI-MINDS related research at the Center for Applied Nursery research that is located on the McCorkles Nursery – Luckey’s Bridge farm.

The CANR is an industry supported research site for applied projects that can be conducted under realistic nursery conditions. 

In 2010, two MINDS-related studies were conducted at this site.  One of these projects was aimed at quantifying daily water use of two hydrangea cultivars.  To do so, plants were placed on load cells and weighed at midnight and at 10 pm.  The decrease in weight was the daily water use of that plant.

The second MINDS-related study at CANR looked at the effects of irrigation practices on leaching, substrate EC, and plant growth.  We hope to continue conducting MINDS-related projects at CANR in the future.