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UM Green Roof Research site:   Eighteen 1.0 square meter platforms were constructed according to green roof standards and have 10cm (4") of commercial green roof (M2) shale and pumice substrate.

Please refer to our Green Roof pages (Under Research Sites) for more specific information and updates on this research.

During summer, 2010, eighteen green roof platforms were built and sensored at the University of Maryland (pictured at right). Each platform is sensored with a Decagon EM50R node, connected to four Echo-TM soil moisture / temp sensors positioned in the green roof substrate and one ECRN-50 rainfall sensor, which measures runoff collected by a gutter at the front of each platform (obscured by plastic cover).

Environmental variables including air temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, temperature/RH and precipitation are also collected at the study site every five minutes (weather station circled in picture).

A green roof model has been parameterized and is being validated with ongoing research and replicated environmental data from the green roof platforms.