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Antir Software

Carnegie Mellon and Antir Software in association with Decagon Devices, are developing the next generation of software that will have robust data management and visualization capabilities, as well as the ability to directly interface with field sensor networks, for monitoring and control purposes (i.e. automactic operation of irrigation solenoids, based on soil moisture sensor measurement).

Antir is also actively involved with developing crop (and application specific) water-use models in association with the scientific teams at the various Universities. These water use models will interface with the core software program, allow high level data integration and a capability to predict crop water use based on daily changes in substrate water availability and evaporative demand.

If you are a current user of Decagon Devices DataTrac v.3 software, you can get an idea of how we will integrate these models, similar to how you can currently create a"virtual sensor" illustrated in the screenshot at left.

All this software will also be able to interface directly with hand-held and tablets (such as iPhones and Android devices) by accessing networks over the internet. Growers and managers will then be able to monitor and control irrigation events directly from anywhere, at any time.